3commas is a bot trading platform. It is the most sought after trading platform in the crypto trading community. It features grid bots and smart order

routing. Also, its DCA bots has been gaining momentum.

3commas famous brand ambassador Moonin Papa has made many tutorials on youtube show casing the features and functionality of the 3commas trading platform.

Its key features includes a simplified order entry, user friendly platform, and very active marketplace. New bots are being added on a monthly basis.

After the initial release of 3commas, other platforms have started to gain momentum, like Cryptohopper, TradeSanta, Zignaly, Mudrex…

Reverse QFL Stratefy

Quick Finger Luc has taken the crypto trading community by storm. He had show cased a strategy that is closed to 100% perfect. A unique style of trading that is opposite of what most traders think of, when trading.

Most traders on YouTube present a strategy that is based on buying on support and selling on resistance. Or buying breakout, or using technical indicators to create buy and sell signals.

Quick Finger Luc has brought an unconventional method to trading and a different logic. His premise is to buy when support is broken on a fast sharp down move, which…

What makes the Dynamic Grid Trader Different than other Grid Bots and Learn how you can increase your return with less risk.

Muunship Dynamic Grid Trader — Trade same coins over and over dynamically as the coins move from range to range.

A Grid Trading Bot is when multiple buy orders and sell orders are inputted with pre-defined price buy levels and profit levels. These are one of the best methods to get more trading activity per capital and constant profit because it places buy and sell traders very close together.

If a volatile chart is chosen that is either trading sideways or slightly uptrending, then this could be a very profit bot. This requires you to find such coins with such charts. But what happens when the coin trades out of range. …

Out of the many innovations incrypto, one thing that has been lacking, is trading on Apple iOS devices.

Finally trading on Apple iOS is now possible via the Muunship trading app. Users are now able to connect to 8 exchanges, including Binance, Bitmex, and decentralized exchanges like IDEX.

Muunship is a technology company that provides crypto trading. By using highly sophisticated programming, muunship is the leader in crypto trading products. Users are able to now trade on any operating system.

With real-time charts, drag and drop orders, and ability to trade directly onto the charts is now possible even on…

Dynamic Grid Bot ASSIST, uses technical analysis to build grids. It uses Darvis Box theory to formulate grids. After grids are formed and confirmed, the system starts to trade and makes small profits.

How are the grids formed?

To visually see the Grids. Use the Muunship Charting app on muunship.com

But first, watch these videos to understand how a Darvis Box is formed.



Here is how you can add the Darvis Box Trading Indicator on the Muunship Charting app. This app is also available on iOS, Ipad, and all Android Devices. …

While there are many crypto trading bots on the markets, there is one platform that has a unique set of bots.

Muunship trading platform offers 5 different trading bots that are available on Zignaly, 3commas, and Cryptohopper.

The bots available are Dynamic Grid Trading, Scalper bot, Create your own QLF bot that is based on Quick Finger Luc’s base trading methodology, Cup and handle bot, and QFL median trading bots.

These bots are the mostly highly rated bots currently on Zignaly and 3 commas. Here is last week performance of the Muunship trading bots.

As you can see in the…

Bittrex has acquired Tradedash. Traders are now worried that the free trading software will not be available for Binance exchange and only for Bittrex exchange.

Traders do have an alternative to another free trading application. Muunship Crypto trading platform offers a multi-chart trading application. Besides tradedash being a desktop only app, Muunship offer iOS and Android version.

This gives traders the ability to now trade wherever and whenever.

Also Muunship offers bots trading, that is integrated with 3commas and Zignaly crypto trading bots.

Muunship offers 6 different crypto trading bots and bots assists. Now traders are able to trade even…

Muunship Trading

Muunship is a Multi-Chart cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to the major crypto exchanges.

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