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3 min readOct 19, 2020

3commas is a bot trading platform. It is the most sought after trading platform in the crypto trading community. It features grid bots and smart order

routing. Also, its DCA bots has been gaining momentum.

3commas famous brand ambassador Moonin Papa has made many tutorials on youtube show casing the features and functionality of the 3commas trading platform.

Its key features includes a simplified order entry, user friendly platform, and very active marketplace. New bots are being added on a monthly basis.

After the initial release of 3commas, other platforms have started to gain momentum, like Cryptohopper, TradeSanta, Zignaly, Mudrex, and Cornix. Although all of these platforms are similar or a copy of the 3commas platform, they can hardly be called alternative to 3commas.

Reverse DCA bots. Buy crypto on the way up.

All of the platforms like 3commas, have similar features, like DCA bots, smart orders, and a marketplace. While they are similar in features, they lack stability and charting capabilities.

Free Alternative to 3commas, is the Muunship Trading Platform, which is the next generation of automated trading. What next generation of trading platfom means is about advanced level of orders entry and smart logic bots.

One of the key features lacked by other trading platforms is the ability to create and enter orders directly on the charts. Designing, creating, and visualizing trading bots is one of the hardest processes for a user, specially a new user.

TrailStop Buy and TrailStop Sell live on the platform

Being able to see buy and sell points, live trailing stops moving on the charts, and key support and resistance levels, is difference in making a profitable trading bot and loss bot.

That is what the Muunship trading platform brings to users. The ability use your logic and reasoning and then visualize the bots right on the charts.

Best Alternative to 3commas and the Top Alternative to CryptoHopper and Tradesanta

Muunship is an intuitive platform, where you can use drag and drop functionality, to set your buy and sell orders, stop loss and take profit orders, OCO buy and OCO sell orders, and most importantly live trail stop orders.

OCO Buy and OCO Sell Orders using the smart logic bots

One of key features that all of these trading platforms lack is the ability to modify orders right on the charts. On the Muunship trading platfrom, user’s can simply click on the order, and be able to adjust the TrailStop percentage, Stop Loss, and modify limit ladder orders.

Another new feature that Muunship has that other trading bots platforms do not, is that Muunship has created customized trading bots that come along with the existing subscriptions. The Dynamic Grid Trader, Scalper Bot, Cup and Handle Bot, and QFL Base Break and QFL Reverse Bot.

All of Muunship bots include the ability to short bots, so you can make bitcoin on the way up or down.

Break-Out Buys using the Scalper Bot

User are able to see the live execution as the happen in realtime. User also can see the full market activity, and quickly make decisions on the trading bots, whether to pause or start the bots based on the markets behavior.

Although Muunship is the next generation of bots trading platform, it’s price is 50% less than of its competitors. Muunship, initially built a strong backend trading platform so that it can be priced competitive. Because of this, it now encompasses more advanced features and smart logic bots, that gives crypto traders an edge like never before.

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Muunship is a Multi-Chart cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to the major crypto exchanges.