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Muunship Trading
2 min readJul 7, 2019

While there are many crypto trading bots on the markets, there is one platform that has a unique set of bots.

Muunship trading platform offers 5 different trading bots that are available on Zignaly, 3commas, and Cryptohopper.

The bots available are Dynamic Grid Trading, Scalper bot, Create your own QLF bot that is based on Quick Finger Luc’s base trading methodology, Cup and handle bot, and QFL median trading bots.

These bots are the mostly highly rated bots currently on Zignaly and 3 commas. Here is last week performance of the Muunship trading bots.

As you can see in the last 7 days, the Muunship Bots as a percentage of profits on ETH pairs has outperformed all of the other crypto trading bots.

Here is the performance of all crypto bots on BTC as shown on the Zignaly Trading Bots comparison

And lastly on the USDT pairs, Muunship has the best performance as a percentage of capital invested.

To summarize, try the Muunship bots assist on Zignaly and 3commas.

Pricing is only $15 per bot.



Muunship Trading

Muunship is a Multi-Chart cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to the major crypto exchanges.