Crypto Trading on Apple iOS

Muunship Trading
1 min readJul 9, 2019

Out of the many innovations incrypto, one thing that has been lacking, is trading on Apple iOS devices.

Finally trading on Apple iOS is now possible via the Muunship trading app. Users are now able to connect to 8 exchanges, including Binance, Bitmex, and decentralized exchanges like IDEX.

Muunship is a technology company that provides crypto trading. By using highly sophisticated programming, muunship is the leader in crypto trading products. Users are able to now trade on any operating system.

With real-time charts, drag and drop orders, and ability to trade directly onto the charts is now possible even on a mobile device. By leveraging secure websocket technology, muunship applications, are fast for the demanding crypto trader.

Advanced order types and bots are now being developed and muunship is determined to be a technology leader in crypto trading. Users are now able to add limit ladder orders with take profit for each order, which gives the ability for the trader to trade when not in front of a device.

Muunship Apple iOS Crypto Trading App

Users can now have the freedom to trade anytime and anywhere and keep up to date on the crypto markets.



Muunship Trading

Muunship is a Multi-Chart cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to the major crypto exchanges.