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3 min readSep 21, 2020
Reverse QFL Stratefy

Quick Finger Luc has taken the crypto trading community by storm. He had show cased a strategy that is closed to 100% perfect. A unique style of trading that is opposite of what most traders think of, when trading.

Most traders on YouTube present a strategy that is based on buying on support and selling on resistance. Or buying breakout, or using technical indicators to create buy and sell signals.

Quick Finger Luc has brought an unconventional method to trading and a different logic. His premise is to buy when support is broken on a fast sharp down move, which he has proven that the coin, stock, futures, or forex, basically any market will behave like this. Then sell the position when the price has reached the base price.

Muunship has now incorporated this trading logic in an automated trading algorithm. The trading algorithms are now becoming a big part of the muunship trading platform. The algorithms are available on and

But has incorported three new algorithms to the the QFL strategy. 1 is a base break. Users can subscribe to this service. This sends a signal to signal receivers, when a base is broken. A user can then, create their own DCA algorithms.

The second algorithm of the QFL method that muunship uses is a median average of base drops from the base, to create buy triggers. This calculates how much the coin drops below base and uses the median average to create buy points.

And finally, this is the newest and most exciting algorithm that muunship has created. A reverse of this QFL strategy, where it uses the median of breaking the high resistance level, and then sends sell signals to short the coin for Binance Futures.

Best 3commas Backtest
3commas Backtest Trading Bots of QFL Reverse Bot

This strategy has already proven to be very successful. The reverse QFL bot has been out performing many of the top signals at 3commas. This illustration is above is presented by a 3commas backtesting program.

This is bot can be used to unload coins on the up move. It can also be used to short tops, when coin have made very large up moves. Bot traders can now add this algorithm, in their mix with the dynamic grid trading bot and scalper bot to unload long postions and increase their new profits by selling higher on the up moves instead of making 1%–2% per trade.

More info can be found on Quick Finger and his strategy on his youtube channel.

Bot trading for the QFL and QFL reverse strategy is available at, on the desktop or mobile apps.

Scanners for live signals are also available at the muunship trading app.



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